Day X – the beginning

Today marks the beginning of a long journey towards living a topical steroid free life. Join me as I document this process every step of the way.


3 thoughts on “Day X – the beginning

  1. hey! its Emily from curingeczema on tumblr.
    i had actually bookmarked your blog a few days ago when i saw you post it on the ITSAN forum! i love all the blogs, they helped me so much in the beginning so i had to start one myself. it will be nice to look back on what we went through when we are done with this!
    its so weird how most people when they go to Asian countries their flares stop. my skin got so good i didnt even realize until i got back to Canada. my skin just slowly got worse again.
    i used steroids for 3 years on and off. im on my 10th month now and i am going through a lot of ups and downs with this but overall am doing so much better than the first 6 months!
    sometimes i cant believe we have to go through this. its just crazyyy.

    1. Hi Emily!
      So happy to hear from you. I also have your blog bookmarked! It is nice to see how others are progressing AND no one really knows how dreadful this is except for others who are experiencing the same thing. So glad to have all this support.

      The 2nd day I returned from Singapore, I got a flareup. = (
      and wtf! you used it for 3 years and you’re at 10 months now? I used steroids for 6-6.5 years on and off. I really hope this doesn’t take more than 18-24 months…be optimistic!

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