Day 33 – tomato face

My face has been extremely red over the last 3 days. Sometimes itchy but does not ooze unless I scratch. I keep getting asked if my face feels like it burns. (It doesn’t!) According to people, I either look sun burnt or like a burn victim. Red skin syndrome much?

3 hours of sleep and 2 wake ups today. I guess I’m reverting back to ‘regular’ sleep hours now. Decided to stop using the sleeping pills under the sole reason that I do NOT want to be dependent on another drug. I had 10 and 8 hours (w/o waking up) for the 2 nights I was on the pills. It was good while it lasted.


2 thoughts on “Day 33 – tomato face

  1. I’m feelin’ ya! I too, look like a tomato/human hybrid at the moment. I had to go to parents evening last night, which made me feel very self conscious. I hope your flare passes soon. At least you are not getting the burning sensation! It is really horrid. I could have fried eggs on my cheeks yesterday!

    Lots of love, Lou xxx

    1. I feel ya too!! I went to Whole Foods last night and people just kept staring! I actually don’ care anymore but I remember being super self conscious during the first few days and refusing to leave the house for 10 straight days!
      My face gets really, really red and oozes a bit but I don’t get the really stinging, burning sensation. KNOCK ON WOOD though!

      We’ll get through this. = )

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