Day 36 – acupuncture

I’ve been to 4 different acupuncturists in the past and have always been skeptical of TCM. The longest I have ever stuck with one TCM was 4 months and I never saw any ‘results’. Now that I look back on things, this was largely due to my impatience and expectations to have my eczema cured just as fast as the topical steroids eliminated the rashes on my face. As we all know, Chinese medicine and their ways of healing work a bit differently then Western methods. As far as I’m concerned, if I didn’t do anything and had to sit and endure TSW, I’m looking at a minimum of 12 months of torture and suffering for 6-6.5 years of TS usage. The last 30 days have been brutal and if TCM doesn’t shorten the span of suffering, it may very well help to reduce those random itch attacks that often render me useless. I really have nothing to lose.

So today I got to see my acupuncturist for the first time since starting TSW. Btw, I’ve known her for 6-7 years due to her assisting various members of my family with different ailments. My dad was in a car accident and was told that he won’t be able to stand for long periods of time. She fixed that. And my grandmother’s arthritis. Skin conditions isn’t her specialty but she is still pretty legit.

She was shocked to see my ‘battle scars’. I Explained to her what I had been doing for the last 35 days and we got down to business. 1 hour session consists of cupping f0r 30 minutes and acupuncture for another 30.  I’ve done cupping before but this time felt completely different. It felt like my back was on fire but it wasn’t uncomfortable. More relaxing. It felt like air was being sucked out of my body. Then we moved on to the acupuncture. Needles were put into one side of my body. A few minutes later, I felt the ‘blood rushing up to my face’ feeling and told her how uncomfortable I was getting. She then inserted the rest of the needles into the other side of my body. Within 5 minutes, the blood rush feeling was gone and I literally felt the blood or chi (or w/e you call it) flow throughout my body and not just up to my head. (Don’t know if this makes sense but I’m trying to best describe what I felt during that moment in time!) I woke up to her telling me to  buy herbs to boil and drink. Good to know that she wouldn’t let me escape that. LOL.

I did notice fewer itch attacks throughout the day and a more energized mood. Good sign. We’ll see how the herbs fare in the next few days…


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