Day 40 – flares

Day 39 was a trip. Got owned by my first real flare. The first 12-13 days of TSW weren’t very torturous because the rash had not yet spread to my ENTIRE body and I was mainly just fixing my scabbed up face. When day 13 rolled around, the itchy red rash spread to my neck, upper chest area, both arms, armpit (small patch), stomach and inner thighs. Days 13 – 38 was an absolute nightmare. I’m talking about blood red rashes with blisters on them. They would burst under the extremely hot water I showered under and I would have to carefully pat dry with paper towels before wrapping myself with a bath towel. This is because of the water from the blisters. Disgusting right? Not to mention the pins and needles feeling I would get throughout the day. Downright uncomfortable.

I started seeing an acupuncturist on Oct 21st. After a few sessions, my rashes were no longer blood red. They turned light brownish. I wasn’t as itchy and could sleep for 4 hrs/day over 2-3 wakeups. Things are still uncomfortable but much more bearable.

Yesterday, I woke up to an itchy sensation all over my body and my face felt itchy and blister-y. Today is even worse. Couldn’t sleep. Showering under hot water (I know it dries the skin) would normally stop the itchiness, but I did so today and it made me scratch even more. Can’t even shower to escape the itchiness. Curse the heatiness, dampness and wind in my body. Ugh.


4 thoughts on “Day 40 – flares

  1. Please lets try taking cold showers both man… I’m starting today. I also think I have RSS…. Got the same symptoms. Keep it up.

    1. Hi Marvin and welcome to the forums! The random itch attacks are insane and the flares are brutal.
      You also keep it up. I look forward to hearing more about your progress!

  2. Hi!

    I’m on my 14th week of TSW and I’m in hell. 80% covered, red, itchy, oozy, dry, and trying everything to push thru. I started acupuncture today. First time ever. It relaxed me, but that’s all I really noticed. Can you let me know how your acupuncturist treated you and which organs he targeted?

    1. That sounds about right. I totally remember going through all of that.
      The reason it relaxes you is because it releases the ‘blockage’ in your system. It will come back so that is why you have to keep seeing the acupuncturist. I remember seeing my acupuncturist 3x/wk in the beginning.
      The primary organs ā€“ spleen and stomach. We have trouble with digestion.
      Method of treatment ā€“ needles (acupuncture), gua sha, cupping therapy and drinking the concoction.
      *I just want to say that drinking the concoction is imperative to effective treatment. To be totally honest, the needles and everything else are supplemental. It temporarily relieves the itchiness because it releases the blockage. If you want to flush everything out, you HAVE to drink the soup. There is really no other way around it. Just acupuncture works but it takes a heck of a long time. Time = $$.

      Btw, don’t EVER think of giving up. You’ve been through 3 months of torture so there is absolutely no turning back!! Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions. Also, please leave your comments in the Day 254 post. Easier for other people to view this!

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