Day 48 – the itch

Another epic day of itching. Day 46 consisted of intense itching for hours. It happened during the day! This normally never happens since I itch like crazy from 1-5am (found out it is so because of the dip in cortisol levels). It sucks because I can’t do ANYTHING when I itch and I just sit there, close my eyes and mentally tell myself to stop scratching. I also roll around and jump up and down. LOL.

So I went to see my acupuncturist today. Told her about my mini flare and the insane itch all over on day 46. Btw, I see her 2x/wk and drink the Chinese herbal tea 2x/day. She told me that the most important thing is to drink the tea. The acupuncture is just a supplementary method to help temporarily alleviate some of the symptoms. She reduced the cupping to 15 minutes and increased the acupuncture to 45 minutes. Every time I get acupuncture, I end up falling asleep because it relaxes my entire body. I also feel energized for the rest of the day. She ended up teaching me pressure points (places to press on the body) to help alleviate the itching. It actually works. It doesn’t eliminate everything but at least it becomes bearable.

She also asked me if I had been exercising. Nope. She looked like she was going to kill me. As we all know, sweat helps us to release toxins. I tried exercising last week but couldn’t sweat and I swear I got a mini flare after that. That was when I decided to stop. One thing I noticed over the last few days is sweating without even exercising. I’ve been sweating more then usual and thought it was just the water from the blisters. I told her and she LIT RIGHT UP. She said my body was responding to the herbs and it is helping my body sweat and get rid of the toxins. It was sticky (sweat+lotion on my body) and didn’t make me itchy. I can follow that but what I have noticed over the last few days was the color of my rashes and the blisters on them. The rash went from bright red  –> red  –> brownish  –> light brown. During the beginning of TSW, the blisters on the rashes would break and clear liquid would spill if I scratched them. Nowadays, the blisters would not spew any clear fluids even if I intentionally scratch. It is almost like they have dried up. Interesting.


3 thoughts on “Day 48 – the itch

  1. The rash changing color is pretty common as you go from flaring into a break. My rash gets super duper bright angry red during a flare then slowly fades to a pinkish brownish color.

  2. Hi there,
    I am also in my 45 days of topical steroid withdrawal. My rashes seems to b spreading but less oozy. But the itchiness is unbearable and I have to eat antihistamine. I also have dust mites allergy and I don’t wanna compromise too much on lack of sleep cause if I sleep well, my skin is less red and inflamed. Can I ask-didn’t you eat antihistamine like zrytec? How did you survive the itch??

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