Day 50 – the end is near

The excerpt of our conversation after my acupuncture appointment this morning.
K: me, L: acupuncurist

K: When do you think I’ll get better?
L: What do you mean by better? Completely healed or able to go out and start doing normal things?
K: The latter. I really just want to sleep at night, without waking up to intense itch attacks and not look like I have a horrible disease… I mean, I don’t need these symptoms to be eliminated just less abrupt and intense.
L: I would say at least the end of November or most likely the first two weeks of December. Depending on your progress, it may take until the end of December for you to start functioning properly.
K: Are you serious?
L: What? Is that too long?
K: (I was in shock.) Noooo, that is much sooner than I expected.
L: To be completely out of this state, it will be at least March – May 2013. Again, depending on your progress if you drink the Chinese medicine 2x daily and follow the dietary restrictions religiously.
K: (In shock again and thinking, March 2013 will be my 6th month of TSW.) Wow…

I know there are no guarantees but this really gives me hope. I know I’m in good hands since my family has known her for years and she is totally committed to helping me. Heck, she gets really pissed off if I don’t do what she says.
“Don’t come to see me if you’re not going to listen to me. You’re wasting my time and your time.”
So blunt.
Love it.

Is the end near? We’ll see.


4 thoughts on “Day 50 – the end is near

    1. Hi Hannah,
      Saw your post on the forums. Hope you’re doing better!

      The dietary restrictions are:
      No beef, lamb, seafood, eggs, dairy, spicy foods, chocolate and anything overly sugary, cold drinks and fried food. Those are the big ones.
      Others are junk food, processed foods, candy, soda, chips. Trying to be healthy.

      You can have as much as anything that is green in color or classified as vegetables, fruits.

      Hope this helps!

      1. Hi again,

        I’m really curious on the ingredients of this tea.

        I am so happy to hear you are doing so well so fast. (Still reading your journey). I’m not shocked that TCM is what is different about your story compared to others I have read. Good for you for having those resources!! 🙂

      2. The ingredients of this tea are made of Chinese herbs. There are approximately 11-14 ingredients in each one. Like all types of soups in TCM, they taste nasty but I have gotten use to it. I mean, I have been drinking it twice a day since late-October!

        I’m glad too. Those first 2 months were hellish. I can’t imagine someone going through this without consulting any type of alternative treatment. I mean, it goes on for a year or so and sometimes longer!
        Are you going to acupuncture, TCM or any type of treatment while on this?

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