Day 53 – sorta itch free

November 7, 2012 was day 52. I was awake from 1pm – midnight and did not itch for the entire day. I was so freaking happy that I declare yesterday to be the best day of my TSW life.

Then TSW kicked my butt again. I woke up to an intense itch at 3am this morning (Nov 8th). I would normally sit around for 15-30 minutes and mentally tell myself to stop scratching. It was so intense this time I sat around for 1.5 hours scratching the crap out of my neck, chest and back. I find it funny how my arms, legs, torso and lower back have stopped itching but my back looks dry and moldy and feels scaly. No ooze/blisters though.

Had another acupuncture appointment this morning. The chest area around the armpits is apparently related to the lungs. She wrote another herbal prescription for me to fill. Hope it will ease the the itch around that area. Also noticed that a few light brownish rashes on my legs have disappeared. Hope this is a good sign.


4 thoughts on “Day 53 – sorta itch free

  1. Have you tied to use ice when it itches? I am going through the same, and it really helps. I put ice wraped in a cloth. Now I sleep all night and I don’t wake up, but a month ago when itching or dry skin woke me up and night, a put ice compresses on my face to weaken the itching and then I was able to fall asleep again.

    1. Ice definitely helps me. I remember taking 20 minutes to completely thaw an ice pack! However, I notice my body temperature drop after using ice and my limbs becoming freezing cold for hours. When I use a heater to heat myself up, it dries out my skin and I get itchy again. Humidifiers also don’t seem to work for me. Furthermore, I’m currently getting acupuncture treatments and I’ve been told that it is extremely important to keep my body warm. I only use ice when nothing else seems to stop the itch.
      Tea tree oil and slapping the itchy areas seem to also help. Don’t know if you have tried it yet.
      Hope you’re having a flare free day!

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