Nov 16/12 – 2 months

What has felt like an eternity has actually only been 2 months.
The last 61 days have been a wild roller coaster ride.
I encountered the lowest point in my life.
Teetered on the brink of depression and contemplated giving up on many occasions.

What a humbling experience this has been.
One that has allowed me to witness the unconditional love of family and friends.
An experience that has helped transform me into a mature young woman.
More importantly, reinforcing the mentality of enjoying and appreciating life as it is because everything can be gone just as fast as it came.

At times I feel bitter about this entire process.
Some things, some opportunities were taken away from me.
And I’ll never be able to make up for the time lost and physical and emotional pain endured.

At the same time, I think I’ve largely come to terms with this beast.
Maybe my diet, lifestyle and overall direction in life was wrong.
Or perhaps this is a personal test.
Whatever the case, this will be an another page in my book.
I hope I will heal in X months because I want to start on a blank slate and continue on another chapter of my life.

Everything will be OK.


2 thoughts on “Nov 16/12 – 2 months

  1. Hello, Thank you for your blog and sharing. I read your posts and sincerely hope and pray you’re doing much better. I watch my husband despair with this TSW and I feel helpless, I know how your mother feels. šŸ˜¦
    May I please ask what type of diet have you been on? Husband was on the Candida Diet (mostly green veggies) and the cleanse is what drew out the TS and sent him into withdrawal.

    1. Thank for the kind words Diana!
      I’m doing a lot better. I function like a normal person from 6am-midnight but I still get a crazy itch that wakes me up every night. Things are nowhere near as bad as day 7 ~ 40. Still uncomfortable but definitely bearable.

      I’m currently getting acupuncture treatment and I drink herbal medicine 2x day. The diet is set by my acupuncturist.
      The dietary restrictions are:
      No beef, lamb, seafood, eggs, dairy, spicy food, chocolate (and anything overly sugary), cold drinks and fried food.
      Others are junk food, processed food, candy, soda, chips.
      You can have as much as anything that is green in color or classified as vegetables, fruits.

      I firmly believe this diet is to maintain a healthy body. I read in the forums that watching what you eat does not shorten TSW.
      However my acupuncturist did mention that I must NOT get sick. This is because our immune system is already deficient. The first line of defense is making sure our bodies are healthy and ready to ‘defend’!

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