Day 67 – lesson learned

The blisters on/near my chest area have cleared up a whole lot since Nov 10th.
I noticed a tiny blister on my left collarbone last night.
It wasn’t itchy but I scratched it for fun.
Tiny blisters started to appear on my chest and things got ugly.
It is one thing to scratch if it is insanely itchy but what was I thinking?
Mad at myself.

*Will post a picture of my progress soon.

Sleep stats:
2:30 – 8:30am – 6 hours (no wakeups!)
Observations: I wake up not because I have had enough sleep but because of an itch. This happens regardless of the time of the day I choose to sleep.
Anyone have theories?


3 thoughts on “Day 67 – lesson learned

  1. Hi! I love your blog! Is quitting steroids and TCM helping alot? I’m planning to do the same thing. I’ve tried TCM before but I didn’t go through with it. I was wondering if you thought it helps.

    1. Hello there!
      TCM has definitely helped ease the TSW symptoms. I know some people are skeptical and all but one tip I would like to leave with you is that you have to shop around for a TCM doctor. It really is a hit and a miss. I’ve been through 4 in the last few years. 3 of them specialized in skin issues but none of them were helpful. One of them turned out to be a major scam. I talked about it in my ‘my story’ post. Read that for more details because I firmly believe that was what messed up my skin!
      My current TCM specializes in muscles and bones but she is able to help because she was a medical doctor in China and she treats all types of ailments. Please let me know if you have any more questions about TCM. Also, if you’re going to start TSW, be aware that the first 30-45 days will be the hardest thing you’ll ever experience. Start a blog about your journey too.
      Have a great day!

      1. Hi thank you! I’m definitely interested in reading your blog. I have tried TCM but I stopped a month in because I had to go another country. I’m thinking about trying it again. How long did it take before TCM started showing results?

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