Day 71 – photo update!

This is a photo of my neck and chest for the months of October and November.
*Started TSW on September 16, 2012

1st photo: literally how my entire body looked like from weeks 2 – 5. Red rash and itchy blisters.

2nd photo: red blotches started to fade after week 5 and cleared up near the end of week 6.
You can see a few blisters near the bottom. Read ‘day 67’ post for the cause.
Btw, my neck has these ugly line marks now!



7 thoughts on “Day 71 – photo update!

    1. Hi Brittany,
      I’m delighted with the improvement. I just started experiencing my 3rd flare and while my neck area is now a bit red, it is no where near as bad and painful as the first 2 flares. We’re on our way! = )

  1. Hi there,

    I’m in my day 100 of my tsw and got a terrible flare all over my 2 lower limbs which is worse than my first flare- looked like your 1st photo. I very motivated by your 2nd photo improvement.
    I am oozing, blistering like mad. Not peeling yet. Any tips to speed this up? Suffering not able to zzz well at all for weeks ;(

    1. Aim for 5-6 glasses of liquids everyday. Don’t go overboard because people with eczema have an issue with water retention. That is why we get the blisters.

      Try very hard not to scratch at night and do not pop the blisters. It makes things so much worse.

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