Day 88 – the 9-to-5

Been to work for 9 consecutive days already! I’ve been out of a flare for 11-ish days now. Skin is soft and smooth again. I do believe this will last for another 10-15 days before I start my 4th flare.

I know each person is different when it comes to the TSW symptoms but I think my flares occur every month right before I menstruate. I firmly believe this is my trend since the last 3 flares occurred right before I got my period. People on the ITSAN forum have talked about their skin being worse during this time and my acupuncturist did mention that hormones tend to fluctuate before a girl gets her period.
Whatever the case, the symptoms are less intense now. Itching rarely occurs during the day and when it does, an ice pack generally does the trick. I’ve told my boss and co-workers about TSW and everyone seems to be very supportive. (which is a sigh of relief!)

My mental state is much more positive now. This is probably because of the fact that I get to go out and interact with people instead of being locked up at home. I swear I almost forgot how to communicate during the first 40-45 day of TSW.

Almost getting to the triple digits of topical steroid withdrawal. Booyah.

P.S. Will be seeing a new dermatologist next week. Will talk to her about TSW and I”ll see whether or not she supports TSW/RSS…


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