Dec 16/12 – 3 months

So time really does go by quickly when you’re preoccupied with things to do!

Had an appointment with my acupuncturist this morning. She apparently told me to come and see her once a week as opposed to twice a week. You know someone is legit when they tell you not to come so often because you no longer need to. (Some practitioners wouldn’t do that because they want to get more $$). I also overheard her telling my mom that my body is finally starting to rebuild my own defenses and that will be instrumental to helping me battle TSW and eczema. I will continue to itch and get flares but they will not be very intense in comparison to the first 40 days. I asked her to give me another estimate of when this will all be over and she made the same guess-timate of May 2013. She also mentioned that she will have a better idea of things in February.

Will be seeing the new dermatologist tomorrow. I think I will bring some documentation of TSW so I can state a stronger case. I’m curious to know as to whether or not she will acknowledge my condition.

On a side note: can’t believe it has been 3 months! Will probably write about my experiences with acupuncture and common symptoms of TSW and some of my tips and advice in 2013. It gets really busy this time of the year, ya know?

Whatever the case, I’m so thankful to be alive and living life.


7 thoughts on “Dec 16/12 – 3 months

  1. I was doing a bit of online research today and types in “cutaneous addiction steroid” in the search nbar. It brought up a lot of articles that you may wish to print off as proof. Doctors do know about this.

    1. Hi Louise,

      Thanks for the info! I printed out the 2 articles on the ITSAN website and showed it to my derm. She was in total denial! I’ll write about this some time later this week. Very funny actually.

  2. my daughter is three weeks of ts now, its so hard to watch your child to go through this, your post really helps me to better understand what she is going through. We also seeing acupucturist , but unfortunatly not seeing any results, we had five appointments so far twice a week, I understand its not a lot but was wondering if your acupuncturist will be open to share her experience working with you with my acupumcturist, not sure if this is possible didnt talk to my acupuncturist but despparate trying everything.

    1. *I just wrote a super long message and it got deleted! = (
      Hi Oksana,
      5 sessions is definitely not enough. I had to go for 6 weeks and 12 sessions to see results. It depends on the severity of the condition as well as the acupuncturist’s method. I know it seems as though you’re spending a lot of money and things aren’t really improving. Days 7 – 45 were the absolute worse for me and I had depressive and suicidal thoughts every day. I understand what your daughter is going through.
      Btw, please monitor her mental behavior. Make sure she has positive thoughts and always, always remind her that you’re there to support her every step of the way!

      Other people have asked me about my acupuncturist and she is willing to correspond with other acupuncturists. However, she ONLY understands Mandarin. It seems as though you’re located in Kansas. May I ask if your acu. understands Mandarin? If not, it would be a definite language barrier.

      I want to better understand her symptoms. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?
      1) Is she oozing? Rashing? Blisters?
      2) How long did she use steroids for?
      3) Are you just going to acu or are you also taking the Chinese herbs?
      I can give you a few suggestions but they are not meant to be taken as medical advice since I’m not a doctor and I’m just stating my experiences. (Disclaimer)
      I also recommend:
      for more acu advice.
      He is a fellow in Hong Kong who had TCM treatment to help cope with TSW. I contacted him in November and he says he is 90% healed. He was a 30+ year user of steroids and started TSW sometime in early 2010.

      If you want, you can contact me privately via email.

      Good luck!

      1. thank you so much for all the inforamtion I will definetly ask my acupuncturist if they can comunicate with your dr. For now she is not oozing, when does your start? no blisteres just rash all over her body. While she is on tsw(three weeks)she had strep throat so was taking some antibiotic, also two daysago she got some virus, fever 102(one day) and now its like 99.7, she slept all day yesterday, very itchy especially at night, so no sleep at night, I am massaging her body all noght long just to calm her down. she is taking benedryl for night, not really helping, but some nights she is getting some more sleeps. Acupuncturist made us some tea last time, she said it will less the itch .Did your dr told you that you need to stop eating some food, we did elimanation diet last year but becaus I stop steroid then wwe couldnt see any changes, and dr Rappoport I think mentioned somewhere that there is no need to make changes(not sure if I am correct)I would like to comunicate with you via email, and we live in chicago area.

  3. my daughter saw our acupuncturist today, I spoke to him about your acupucturist and your progress. He(actually one llady who speak good Mandarin)would like to talk to your dr. about .it and nmaybe she would give us some suggestion for my daughter. If you would give me her contact information I would really apreciated. How aare you doing lately?My daughter is getting to the bad tsw now , before it was not good but managable now I do not really know what to do to help , itching a lot at night, sometime during the day, red, buring, dry, bumpy skin. so I hope to find anything that can help her, but for now we are losing hope. if you want you can reply to my email,
    Thank you

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