Day 100 – season’s greetings!

Today is Christmas. I have officially entered triple digits of TSW. Yay me.

Quick update: I have been feeling normal over the last 6-7 days. Light brown spots/scars are slowly disappearing. Arms feel soft and supple without moisturizer. Oil production is normal again. A flare should occur anytime now. Let’s see how intense #4 will be.

Hope everyone is doing well!!


2 thoughts on “Day 100 – season’s greetings!

  1. So I am discovering I am not alone in my belief that my strong ars topical steroids are ruining me, making me itchy, red, and feeling (and looking like – in some respects) like I am 90 years old!! I have a question for you because I have not started the 100% off ts yet. Are you saying you feel almost 100% then you get a read, itchy burny flare like you had going off the meds? This is freaking me out. I am so scared to start a new job AND start this (which actually, I do go through in between applications of the stuff) My legs, arms, trunk, chest neck, hands, feet (omg, they are ridiculous!!) are red and I feel like I have arthritis in my joints. Ugh Good luck to you!! 🙂

  2. Hi TM,

    I started TSW in September 2012 and I had X days of good skin and then X days of bad skin. I had about 3.5 cycles of flares (itchy, red, oozing, burning, flaking skin) before things really started to improve in mid-December.
    I had all of the symptoms of withdrawal once I cut out TS. In other words, you will most likely experience the same symptoms when you cut them out 100%.

    I’m feeling 100% on most days and have been feeling like this since mid-December. I’m going on month 6 and I sleep regularly and seldom itch and flare. I firmly believe I recovered rather quickly due to acupuncture, a form of alternative treatment. In other words, I I suffered from the all too familiar symptoms of TSW from mid-September to mid-December (3 months) and things have been rather smooth sailing for me. Btw, don’t get me wrong… l’m still recovering and TSW isn’t completely gone but things aren’t as hellish as it used to be.

    Hope you’re doing well!

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