Jan 16/13 – 4 months

I was just looking at my TSW documentation photos from September/October and I seriously can’t believe it has been another month.

It has pretty much been smooth sailing for me since December 10th. No ‘real’ itch attacks or oozing and blistering since the 10th.
Started working full-time on December 3rd and totally remember being so paranoid of random itch attacks that I brought lotion, Atarax, Benadryl, ice packs and heat packs with me.

Been pretty much itch free since mid-December. I still itch here and there but I think it is because of dry skin. It obviously isn’t dry to the point where my skin is cracking/bleeding but I seriously don’t want to put too much on my skin. Even though XYZ lotion doesn’t have steroids it may have chemicals. I want my skin to replenish it’s own oils and nutrients. That is also what my acupuncturist said. Eat foods with good fats!
*Note: light brown marks/scars on my stomach and thighs are finally fading. The color pigmentation on my arms and back are also fading. It is not as apparent anymore!

My period was late this month. AGAIN. I find this is my trend when I’m on TSW. It is normally on time (give and take a couple days) but it has been consistently 10-14 days late since I started TSW in September. This really means my flare isn’t over yet. This flare is just on my cheeks. 2 tiny patches. A bit uncomfortable but no itching/oozing/blistering. It just feels warm at different times of the day.

I’ll take that.


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