Day 143 – for the love of food

I (1) love (4) you (3). Get it?

Chinese New Years is right around the corner. The 10th to be exact.
My acupuncturist flew back to China to celebrate with her family and it really means she won’t be around for 2 weeks.

I remember feeling extremely paranoid when she told me.
What if my face becomes red again?
What if my neck and chest start to get blisters?
What if my face and ears start oozing?

Being extremely blunt and straightforward, she told me to ‘relax’ since I’m making strides in recovering from TSW.
“You should slowly stop relying on me and acupuncture and learn how to walk by yourself again.”
Before leaving, I heard her tell my mom to tell me that things should largely be OK if I continue to drink the soup and maintain the dietary restrictions.

With that being said, I had a hugeee craving for ice cream (cold), french fries (fried) and sashimi (seafood) today.
Yours truly will have to stave off these cravings until at least she comes back.
I mean, if I screw up no one will be there to save me.
If she finds out I strayed, I will get a verbal beating.

It feels so wrong yet feels so right.
My heart says yes but my head says no.
This isn’t rocket science though.
The only reason I no longer experience the all too familiar symptoms of rashy, oozing, itchy, red skin is all because of her.
In other words, don’t screw up.

143, 張醫生.


6 thoughts on “Day 143 – for the love of food

  1. Hi ladies!

    The dietary restrictions are:
    No beef, lamb, seafood, eggs, dairy, spicy food, chocolate, cold food/drinks, fried food, alcohol and anything overly salty and sugary is a major no.
    Others are junk food, processed food, candy, soda, chips.
    You can have as much as anything that is green in color or classified as vegetables, fruits.

    I have also cut out gluten. My acupuncturist said it is OK in terms of treatment but I think I have largely developed a gluten intolerance since going on TSW. The gluten is my own choice and largely the most difficult restriction to follow.

    What kind of food restrictions do you guys follow?

    1. Hey,

      I eat a diet similar to yours and 100% organic (as much as I know unless I grow it myself). Conventionally grown food (the opposite of organic) has pesticides and chemicals in it since about the 1950’s. Our body’s biological system has no place for these harsh and foreign chemicals. We have no enzyme receptors that accept these chemical molecules, so what is not passed with waste is stored in our bodies – later contributing to cell disfunction and eventually disease. (Note: it takes up to 20 years for cancer to express itself) :/

      Additionally, I drink 32-64 oz of fresh hot green tea w/lemon and homemade Kombucha for the probiotics. (And the fact that I flavor it likes fruit “soda” – natural carbonation).

      Food is medicine. (The cleanest food and water one can find). …it doesn’t work overnight. On with the burn!! Ugh. :/

      I appreciate your blog. If I do not address the red face and neck that will soon reappear, I will be starting my TSW. 99% of my body is always in that state. (RED ,itchy, inflamed painful Skin and joints) I’m almost used to it – but am so afraid/scared of the unknown. I hate seeing my reflection in mirrors now… 😦

      1. “Food is medicine.” I totally agree with you. Some people on the forums have said that food does not expedite the healing process of TSW but if we continue to eat Mcdonalds everyday day doesn’t it make the symptoms worse or at least make or body less healthy? I largely follow an organic and pesticide free diet as well. Drink lots of water and have cut out soda and juices.

        Thank you for the kinds words, TM. I’ve said this before and will say it again, I want to inform and educate. I’m also slightly angry that no one ever told me about the side effects of using such prescription drugs. Had I known earlier, I would never have used them in the first place.

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