Day 201 – mini flare

My TSW counter tells me I have finally reached the day 200+ stage.
What a glorious feeling.
Was going to post this yesterday (official 200th day) but was too preoccupied with life.

On a side note:
I don’t want to rain on my own parade but it seems as though my body is experiencing another flare. A baby flare. I have been pretty stressed since the Easter holiday and very much all of this week (Mar 31-Apr 6). I started noticing mini ‘bubble blisters’ appear on both of my cheeks on April 4th. Unlike the beginning of withdrawals, I don’t feel it constantly pulsating under my skin nor does it feel itchy/dry/tender. It is still a pain because it is smack dab on my face and looks spotted and rash-like. I also don’t want to put foundation on my face when I’m flaring. iUGLY. =*[

Just for the record, I haven’t experienced a flare since January 3rd-ish. Although this is minor, it is still irritating. That and my left arm flexor. It is fast becoming raw since that is the only place that has started to itch again in the last few days. No where else on my body though. Was pretty much normal since December 2012. Boourns!

Btw, this has led me to believe that stress heavily impacts eczema or at least in my case of TSW. I don’t know if anyone else would like to elaborate on this factor but I need to learn to control my emotions! That and my ‘p’ should be coming sometime this week. I suspect a combination of multiple factors. Hmmm.
Let’s see how long this one will last…

Tick tock.


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