April 16/13 – 7 months

Here I am. Another month down.

I would like to report to my lovely readers that the month of April hasn’t really been smooth sailing for me. It is actually my least favorite month of TSW in 2013. This is because of the mini flare that started on April 5th. Btw, I have pretty much been living normally since the beginning of December 2012. Think of soft and smooth face and fading pigmented skin with the occasional dry, itchy patch here and there. No biggie. Fast forward to Apr 4/5-ish and KABOOM.

However, I believe this one is almost over because my face is slowly returning to normal. That and my p is just about done for the month and hormones should return to normal soon. On the other hand, my left flexor is now dark purple due to the excessive amount of scratching I had done in the last 10 days. Great. I’ll need more time to get rid of the pigmentation and lichenification.

I also remember reading on ITSAN that some people experienced a second big flare sometime between month 5-8 and can’t help but think that this may be it. This flare was relatively minor but some of the symptoms are reminiscent of the excessive scratching and un-comfortableness that was all too prevalent during the beginning. *shudders*
This flare brought me back to reality. It ain’t over yet.

Just in case some of you are wondering, the rest of my body is doing fine. This flare only attacked my cheeks and left arm flexor.
I like to think my acupuncturist is doing a great job. I have as well. You know how difficult it is to follow her diet?!

Lucky 7. Better Luck Tomorrow. (movie references)
Or next month.


2 thoughts on “April 16/13 – 7 months

    1. Hi Freda,

      I’ve had people email and ask about acupuncture over the last little while. Acupuncture has done wonders for me. I was initially quite skeptical about Traditional Chinese Medicine since I was raised following Western medicine.
      My 2 cents: you need to drink the decoction in order to be successful. Just going in for acupuncture isn’t really going to do anything but temporarily release the blockage in your system. You need to do a combination of things!

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