Day 233 – quasi flares + pictures!

I have been talking about my mini flares a lot since April and I feel as though posting pictures will give my readers a better idea of what I’m talking about.

While my most recent flares resemble the ones back in December, they are in no shape, way or form as painful as the ones in the past. I firmly believe this is because I’m 8 days away from 8 months of TSW. I remember people from the ITSAN forum talking about a major ‘halfway point’ flare sometime between months 6-8. If this is so, my second ‘major’ flare occurred just before month 7. I’m going to start calling these quasi flares from now on because they are not as uncomfortable and ‘ugly’ as it used to be. The one that started in April only got to my cheeks and left arm flexor. This is in comparison to my entire body during the months of September, October and November 2012. Maybe my body is healing.


April 5/6 – first major flare since December 2012 – (cheeks were blistery and pulsating) – I was super stressed at work
April 11 – flare showed no signs of stopping – (hormonal changes)
April 18 – flare over – (I think hormones have somewhat regulated – face cleared up)
April 23 – flare reemerged but no blisters/oozing – (tried doing too many things at once — used makeup, was out in the wind, ate chocolate, diary and reintroduced fish) — Still firmly believe it was the wind, chocolate and dairy
May 5 – cheeks super red and dry but no blisters/oozing – (check out photo — had a major scratch fest at night)
May 8 – woke up this morning and face looks normal again.


*The last photo was taken right after some intense scratching but it still looks abnormally red. That or it is my monitor…
I know the picture makes it look worse then it actually is.
It was dry but not uncomfortable like micro blisters, bumps and oozing).

Quasi flares sometimes make me feel like Quasimodo.


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