May 16/13 – 8 months

Yours truly totally forgot about the TSW celebration this month. Whoops.

I have been uber busy with life. Things coming at me left and right. Trying to stay afloat and all.

On a more important note:
Skin has been surprisingly nice since May 8th.
No itching, face soft and supple but cheeks sometimes dry after showering, left arm flexor not as pigmented/lichen-ified, less scratching when asleep, sleep schedule normalized

Side note:
Eyes still look messed up. I think this is because the eyelid skin was thickened due to the excessive rubbing and scratching I experienced while sleeping (and sometimes awake). Right eye looks big and left eye looks small. Bugs the crap out of me.

This is sooooooo yesterday.


2 thoughts on “May 16/13 – 8 months

    1. It is driving me insane. One eye looks so much smaller. It almost looks like it isn’t open sometimes.
      Funny how we start complaining alot more when things aren’t as bad as it used to be.
      Off to look at my TSW pictures to remind myself that things can be worse. LOL!

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