Day 262 – gluten and finger blisters

I have started incorporating different food groups (dairy, meat, seafood) back into my diet over the last 2-3 weeks.

1) I feel like I’m at a point in the TSW process where my body should be able to tolerate things
2) I haven’t been eating a whole lot of meat (iron) and that may be why my hair is falling out like crazy
3) acupuncturist told me to start eating different types of foods again to stay healthy. (dairy = calcium, seafood = omega-3s, beef, chicken = iron)

Found a ‘Milka – alpine milk chocolate and biscuit’ bar in my kitchen cabinet.

In case you guys don’t remember, I haven’t eaten gluten since late-September. I started TSW on September 16, 2012 and totally remember consuming gluten the first few weeks and experiencing intense itch attacks every single time.
*Still don’t know if I actually had a gluten intolerance before starting TSW (hence, eczema symptoms) OR going into withdrawals made my body more sensitive to gluten. I had blood work done for Celiac disease and results came back negative, but I still haven’t touched gluten*

Btw, I knew this chocolate bar had wafer in it. This was an experiment and since I’ve had little to no issues with the other food groups, why not?
Oh, I’m also a badass.

Go big or go home.
Everytime I incorporate a new food back into my diet, I eat a lot more than usual. If I’m going to itch anyway, why don’t I eat more to satisfy my cravings?
I like to call this eating my monies worth. LOL.

If I have a problem I normally find out in approximately 5-10 minutes. My body was fine. Hoorahhhh! A few hours later, I felt my fingers start to itch. It was an itch I haven’t felt in so long. Yours truly did a great job of scratching the crap out of it before hitting the sack. Thought that was the end of it. Then I woke up the next morning and noticed blisters all over my right index and ring finger. (Btw, I had blisters on ONLY these 2 fingers even before TSW). The itch was SO much more intense. I popped all the blisters and ripped most of the skin. While my body didn’t experience any itching, I haven’t had these crazy itchy blisters since pre-TSW. (Have had 1-2 blisters some days over the last 262 days but nothing like this!)

This experiment leads me to believe that I do have an issue with gluten. If I had to point fingers it might as well be gluten because I didn’t do anything differently yesterday.

Revise and resubmit.


4 thoughts on “Day 262 – gluten and finger blisters

  1. So I went through this gluten thing too. And one reason you may have broken out is because your body simply isn’t used to it anymore. Not because you actually have a gluten problem. I had cut out everything and had a bite of frosted flakes and felt like my skin went off the chain. I also think part of it was in my mind and an anticipation to react. I have done many of these foody experiments and found them inconsistent. Sometimes I could eat all the gluten dairy and sugar in the world my skin would be fine. Other times it wouldn’t. I decided to just eat healthy and not get my body too used to an overly fancy diet. :)happy healing. Love your site

    1. Hi Vee,

      I agree with what you said and especially the psychological part. I have been incorporating more restricted foods back into my diet and seem to be doing well. Beef, fish and chocolate seem to be fine now but I still tend to itch and get some tiny blisters on my fingers every time after I eat gluten. Sigh* I hope my body doesn’t react to it soon. Trying to be gluten free is also a major pain because I like bread, pasta and pastries!
      Anyway, thanks for the kind words. I love your site as well. Keep truckin’ and don’t give up! = )


  2. Hello there from another TSW warrior. I am sorry to hear about the gluten! That is not fun!. I do know a way to have wheat with a very low gluten level…you have to buy all organic wheat flour and soak it overnight soaked in raw buttermilk. Sounds gross – but this makes the best pancakes ever! I get the recipe from “Nourishing Traditions”. The buttermilk breaks down the gluten so you have a more digestible wheat. You can also make muffins this way as well. To find raw milk (and hopefully they sell buttermilk), just go to This is only if you have a hard time living without wheat. However it is a lot of work! But so is eating gluten free at times.
    Right now I am about to enter month 4 – for the last 10 days I have restricted my diet to no processed foods, no wheat, no sugar, and no dairy for 2 weeks. No obvious changes for me but I wasn’t expecting anything immediate. I will start incorporating dairy in next week and wheat in 3 more weeks. Hopefully it goes well.
    Take care and best of luck! Wishing you a good skin day!

    1. Hi Tracy,

      You’re totally right. It is a lot of work but so is being gluten free and not being able to eat donuts and cake! I will definitely try out the recipe and will let you know how things go.
      I had that plan for about 4 months as well. Then I started letting loose and incorporating dairy, more sugar and sometimes processed foods. I seem to be doing well so that is great. However, still have problems with gluten!

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