June 16/13 – 9 months

Here we are again.

Period should be coming soon. I actually had a relatively minor 2-day flare (June 11-12) this week. My cheeks looked like the April 11, 2013 picture I posted a few entries back but wayyy less severe. It was still dry, flaky, sometimes itchy and bumpy but it all disappeared within a span of 48 hours. I usually experience a flare or a fluctuation in TSW symptoms exactly a week before I start menstruating.

On another note, my body is definitely experiencing shorter and less intense flares as each month passes. Itching doesn’t really occur anymore and even if it does it is bearable. The 2-day flare only impacted my face and left flexor (inside elbow – wrist area?). Both parts are dry and flaky as I type this post but I don’t feel uncomfortable at all. Everywhere else is good. It is also lovely to see that the pigmentation on my right arm, back and legs have pretty much faded.

All is good… for now.


7 thoughts on “June 16/13 – 9 months

  1. Glad to know the flares are less each month – I have the same problem with my monthly – I flare a few days before I get it – the worst my skin has ever been are during these days – and I get a calming period about 2-3 days into my period. This month I did notice a much less severe flaring – just got my period yesterday and already am calming today – so I too notice a difference with each passing month. Hope your good days last longer and longer 🙂

    1. I feel like it is a common symptom amongst female TSWers. I tend to flare a week before my period. My flares stop once I get my period. I was told that this is something to do with hormonal changes.
      My good days are definitely lasting longer. Flares before my period are no longer as intense as the first few months. How many months are you at now?

  2. i have flares on my cheeks just like yours.
    what are you using on your skin?
    it sucks when it’s on your cheeks huh? it’s so damn annoying.

    1. It sucks because you can’t hide it with makeup. I find putting powder foundation on my checks even when they are semi-flaring makes it worse. Haven’t tried liquid foundation though. This is why I have been pretty much makeup-less since I started withdrawals.
      I don’t normally put any lotion on my skin but if it gets super dry I use Neutrogena soothing wrap skin calming lotion – fragrance free, a cream from my acupuncturist or my own homemade beeswax tree tree lotion. The original Neutrogena lotion has been discontinued but I found this online: http://reviews.neutrogena.com/1210-en_us/6802205/soothing-wrap-body-lotion-reviews/reviews.htm?sort=reviewTextLength&dir=asc
      Seems as though this has been repackaged and semi-renamed.

      Good luck.

      1. thanks girl!
        i know i haven’t put on any makeup since i started my withdrawals too. which was about 2 months ago.
        sucky deal and sun sucks for my skin too right now and im in the midst of SUMMER! grrr.

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