Day 295 – the sun & vitamin d

Sunny skies and humidity is finally in the forecast. Summer is officially here!
Dr. Rapaport has said time and time again that the sun contributes to TSW healing.
I distinctly remember reading a thread on the ITSAN forum and some people were talking about not being able to tolerate the sun during the early stages of withdrawals and slowly being able to tolerate more sunshine.

I firmly believe this is true. At least for me. My TSW journey started on September 16, 2012. Summer was slowly starting to wind down and I totally remember my face oozing during the first 2 weeks and not being able to tolerate the sun rays hitting my face for anything longer than 15 seconds. That and I would start fidgeting like ants were in my pants.

Fast forward to present day. I’m closing in on 10 months. I would like to believe I’m in the later stages of healing. I BETTER be. The sun being readily available during this stage of my withdrawals actually works to my advantage. I still however have to be careful and try not get ahead of myself. I allocated 20 minutes of my lunch break to hang out in the sun today. Albeit short, my body seemed fine. This really means I’m healing.

Bring the heat.


One thought on “Day 295 – the sun & vitamin d

  1. I do not count days but I am currently ~3wk off Elidel creme. First two weeks were terrible although I was on a restrictive diet. Last week I spent in the sunshine state of Jamaica, swimming all day long, eating simple and natural food of Negril Jamaica. I couldn’t avoid gluten, spices etc. due to being in Jamaica but my face is no longer that red. Actually it is not red at all, just some remnants of what used to be red areas. I only hope this will last. I am now back to my gluten free, fish free, egg free, soy free, sesame free, beef free, dairy free, mustard free, chocolate free, kiwi free, banana free, peanut free, tree nuts free diet.

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