July 16/13 – 10 months

Double digit months of TSW. Cheers to another milestone!

*The lo-down: Should be menstruating sometime this week. I’m thinking the 18th of July.

**TSW trend:  I normally get flares right before my period. It has been like this since the 4th month of withdrawals. I’ve also noticed over the last 2-3 months that flares are worse if I get careless of the food I consume. For example: eating too much sodium, seafood or sugar. Once my period starts, the flares tend to calm down and then I’ll get 3-3.5 weeks to live a topical-steroid-induced-eczema-free life.

In a nutshell-
1 week before period: flare (6-7 days)
During period: flare dies down (4-5 days)
After period: normal skin (3-3.5 weeks)

***New strategy:  Yours truly has been monitoring le diet very closely all this week. I’ve been eating a whole lot of congee, vegetables, greens and fruit. The plan is to eat clean the week before I start menstruating so my skin has ‘no reason’ to flare. Once it is over, I’m more lenient on the different types of foods I’m able to consume. The beef and seafood ban was lifted 2 months ago but I still eat them in moderation.

****Outcome: Seems to be working. No flare yet. Don’t really want to jinx it though.

This strategy is a perfect 10. Ha.


6 thoughts on “July 16/13 – 10 months

  1. Oh – I know how those periods are!! I too flare badly before getting my period – since I am in a constant state of flaring, this becomes a flare within a flare. By day 2 of my period I start getting relief – I get a 3-5 days time period where the pain, redness and itching diminish by about 50% – a huge relief for me. Then I go back to my normal state of flare! Oh well – I am only in month 5 – maybe by 10-12 months I will have a longer relief – maybe! 🙂 Hope your cleaner eating helps!!!

    1. You’re almost there. I remember being at 5-6 months and getting a bad flare and then things got better from there. I also read on the ITSAN forums that people get an intense flare during the half way point of TSW and people get some relief during month 6! = )

  2. Had anyone used Elidel cream ever during dermatologists led “therapies”? It is imuno suppressing non-steroidal cream.

    1. Hi Salemile,

      You’re correct. Elidel is an immuno suppressant drug. It is similar to Protopic. I have used BOTH in the past. People on the ITSAN forum have said that Protopic helps them ease the pain of TSW but some have said that it lengthens the recovery time. I have not used either since starting TSW. I recommend not touching either since they are both ‘drugs’. I also think Elidel is the drug name for Canada.

  3. Hey! I am currently in my 14th month of recovery and have made some really great discoveries concerning flares and PMS. Even before the withdrawal period I’d ALWAYS have a flare a few days before my period. There have been studies that show supplementing GLA (found in evening primrose oil or borage oil) can reverse this. Here is one source:

    Humphreys F, Symons JA, Brown HK, Duff GN, Hunter JA. The effects of gamma-linolenic acid on adult atopic eczema and premenstrual exacerbation of eczema. Eur J Dermatol 1994;4:598–603.

    After 4 weeks of taking 2000 mg a day for the first time in my life I had no flare w my period. It’s been 3 months since then, still good! I get my borage oil online from Vitacost.

    As far as Protopic and Elidel are concerned, they are now being prescribed as a second line of treatment only if steroids are not working due to their connection with cancer. These drugs aren’t intended to be taken over a long period of time for chronic illness. Their effects haven’t been tested over a 12 week period of time. This process that we’re going through is the way to go!

    1. Hi Kelly,

      Thanks for the article. I’ll definitely take a look!
      Was told by my local pharmacy that primrose oil helps and I did buy a jar but it was during the beginning stages and I also started acupuncture and TCM treatments. I didn’t want to do too much at the same time but I’m so glad it has worked for you.
      Will keep that in mind in the future.

      LOL. I knew Protopic and Elidel wasn’t as safe as ‘they’ had advertised. I remember being told not to use it over an extended period of time.
      TSW is definitely the way to go.

      Hope you’re doing super well!! = )

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