1 year + 2 days

My 1 year anniversary of topical steroid withdrawal was 2 days ago.
I had a mini celebration with the fam jam and got to sample some of my favorite foods. Didn’t do much since I was too busy packing for my trip.
Should still be packing but I’m taking the time to write this. See how much I love you guys?

I Initially wanted to post pictures and do the whole essay-ish post but yours truly is pretty short on time. Will probably do a make up post + pictures when I get back. In short, I’ve stopped acupuncture treatment and stopped making the daily concoction. I’ve started to take TCM supplements in place of drinking the soup. Stopped making the soup everyday because I’ll be on vacation for a month and wouldn’t be able to boil it in the hotel. I stopped drinking the concoction last week just to see if my body can handle it. Things look good.

Dr. Z thinks I’ll be OK for the duration of my trip. I still however have food restrictions. The only restrictions are: spicy and cold foods. In addition, overly cold and heaty foods are a no. Everything else is fair game.
I’ve started to incorporate more and more foods back into my diet since the last post and I’m doing just fine.
Gluten still doesn’t work for me. I still get micro blisters on my fingers, BUT I do feel like my body is being more tolerant.
Moderation is key!
I do feel like I’m almost there. My guesstimate would be 75-80%. No itching, sleep regulated, diet starting to return to normal.

*Well, I can’t believe it has already been a year. Was talking to my mom 2 nights ago and we shared our memories of this unique journey. The pictures = emotions. This time last year I was thinking of ways to end all of this. Flash forward to today and I’m getting ready to go on a trip without worrying about random flare ups, itch attacks and paranoia.

Look how much things have changed over the course of a year. Truly unbelievable.
Now please excuse me as I have a plane to catch.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”   – Thoreau


7 thoughts on “1 year + 2 days

  1. Hey Girl,
    i am so happy for you!
    one year off.
    How did TCM do for you? it was the herbs that mainly helped right? i just started on it and just drinking the herbs.
    Can i ask you what you use to wash your face?
    I know previously you told me you try not to put lotion on, so was wondering if you use any soap or anything?
    our symptoms are similar. i have them on my cheeks and it’s annoying. it’s somehow spread to my forehead. but not as bad as cheeks.
    anyways how are your flares now?

    1. Congratulations on making it a whole year! That’s amazing! One year closer to being totally healed and that is definitely no mean feat. I’m only on day 5 (currently covered in calamine lotion since nothing else gets rid of the burn/itch) and your blog is really helping with the psychological side of things. I’m absolutely terrified about what lies ahead. I didn’t expect the redness and flaking to kick in so early and it’s awful knowing what’s in store for the next year or so. That said, blogs like yours are such a comfort. It’s so good to know that I’m not alone and that there are other people who are braving the same things as me and getting through it all. So honestly, thank you for writing your blog and good luck. You’re so much closer to being done with all of this!

      1. Hi Rachel,

        Thank you for the kind words. I post mainly to educate and inform about the nastiness of this entire process!

        I checked out your blog and you’re in the early stages of TSW but don’t worry because everything is going to be OK. I know you’re probably feeling very alone right now but you have a lot of people going through the same thing as you. I feel like more and more people are taking on this challenge. When I started 13.5 months ago there weren’t that many blogs but I’ve been getting a lot more followers and hits to my blog each month. Glad I can provide some words of encouragement.

        It ain’t going to be easy for the first few months but it is all on you to make positive changes in your life.
        Let me know how things go and good luck! = )

    2. Hi Lisa!
      I’m so sorry for not replying to you sooner. Was still ‘partyin it up’ in Asia. =P
      TCM worked wonders for me. It was definitely the herbs. Acupuncture just supplements the treatment. How are the herbs working for you now since it has been a little over a month? Do let me know and also if you have a blog I can follow!

      I did not really put any lotion on it because of the chemicals. Took short showers everyday because of the ooze and was paranoid about infections. I used Dove liquid and bar soap. Tried to limit usage to once a week. Didn’t have issues with oilyness since I didn’t sweat, use makeup or have any oil production. It was mainly dry skin for me.

      1. Hey hey.
        Ive been on tcm for 2 months and a bit now. Im not burning anymore but i have these gross dried skin ooze that refuses to come off. If i pick it it will be raw and pink underneath. I guess i have to.wait for it to fall off naturally but its been about a month and still there.
        Did u get those? Those micro blister things… I get those. They kinda look like mini pimples right? Yeahhh i dunno they come and go.
        Im struggling right now at 6 months in.
        How was ur symptoms then?

  2. Hey just found your blog through google. You are a hero going through this nighmarish hell , I just recently found out about this Steroid bullshit im on week 1 and im feeling this dry itchy snowy skin on my neck its so embarrassing and its spreading on my face… I hope this will heal soon. Do you recommend any remedies, good moisturizer maybe some organic i have tried Apple cider vinegar,coconut oil,vaseline and olive oil. Its weird my eyes are all blurry to just like you said in the other blogg/post we are all going through this bullshit because of this steroid……

    1. Hi Erik,

      Thanks for the kind words! You’re pretty ‘ballsy’ for choosing to go this route as well. Definitely not easy but worth it in the long run.

      I had red rashes and oozing skin. The dry flaky skin did not occur till later. It really depends on how long you’ve used steroids and the potency.

      Please do check out: http://www.itsan.org/
      A network of people going through TSW. Extremely supportive especially for people just beginning the journey.

      I tried a bit of apple cider vinegar because other people recommended it but didn’t use it long enough to see the alkalizing effects. Vaseline did NOT work for me. It felt so weird and icky on my skin. I know it worked for others but too bad this inexpensive option didn’t work for me.

      Yup. It is somewhat ‘normal’ to have blurry vision. My eyes were blurry for some time. I couldn’t wear glasses because my face was oozing and I initially thought it was my contacts. I’ve been told by my GP that it is probably an infection especially when you’re oozing. It will go away soon. If it doesn’t, do consider seeing an ophthalmologist for potential issues with cataracts or glaucoma.

      Wish they told us earlier about the side effects but our only option is to reverse the damage. It’s 2014. Time for changes. Good luck and go get it!

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