Day 409 – 13.5 months

Disclaimer: this entry was supposed to be posted on Halloween but it was somehow not properly scheduled. I’m posting this today but back dating it to Oct 31st.

So much has happened since I last blogged.

1) Concluded an epic 3-week trip to Asia without encountering any major TSW symptoms.
2) Experienced a 9-day flare 2 weeks after returning home from Asia.

1a) Ate a boat load of different types of food (spicy, cold, fried, sugary, salty, chocolate, gluten, dairy, meat — beef, chicken, lamb and etc.) and seemed to be fine. Note: I did not experiment with alcohol during my trip. Went all out the first week but had to scale back when one of my friends asked me if I was really itchy when I was sleeping one night. Turns out my scratching woke her up in the middle of the night. Had absolutely no clue I was scratching. Managed to contain those urges and moderate my food intake for the remainder of the 2 weeks of my trip. Was paranoid I would wake up with an oozing and bloody face during my vacation. Imagine having to cancel everything and fly home early.
Not. A. Chance.

Returned home and immediately went to see my acupuncturist to get the herbal prescription to start boiling the lovely TCM concoction again. She thought I managed everything quite well. Cue the ‘get arrogant and fall off the food restriction wagon’ part of the story.
I continued to eat all the restricted foods and soon found myself in trouble.

Sept 16 – Oct 6 – Asia (didn’t maintain diet)
Oct 6 – Oct 21 – back home (didn’t maintain diet)
Oct 22 – TSW h*ll unleashed on my face
Oct 31 – pretty much back to normal

It only took 2 weeks of unhealthy eating (upon returning home) to turn my life upside down. Sh!t.
If you count the 3 weeks of unhealthy eating when I was in Asia it really means 5 weeks of unhealthy eating to experience flares again. Double sh!t.

You’re probably thinking why I didn’t experience any major TSW symptoms when I was in Asia but only really started suffering 2 weeks after I returned.
My hypothesis: humidity and sweat. Firmly believe there is a correlation between that and eczema.
Btw, it was so dang hot in Asia. I was sweating and sightseeing (= exercising) for 8+ hours every single day. Even lost 2 lbs.
I did not exercise nor sweat for 2 straight weeks after my vacation. Just sat around and went to work to get over the ‘jet lag’. Gained 6 lbs. Triple sh!t.
Fast forward to waking up on Oct 22nd and the horror of seeing micro blisters all around my eyes and the feeling of swollen eyelids. The triple eyelids are baaaaaackkk!

Endured 5 days of major TSW symptoms on my face and crawled back to Dr. Z on the 26th.
She asked me what I was up to for the last 2 weeks and yours truly couldn’t lie.
Verbal beating right then and there. My fault. I’ll skip the deets.
Dr. Z prescribed a prescription that was designed to flush all the toxins out. Concoction tasted like garbage.

**I was apparently taxing my spleen and digestive system with the unhealthy foods so much that my body was retaining too much water. Hence the blisters and infrequent urination.
In Asia, I was eating like a pig but was able to excrete the toxins through sweating + the weather is humid (makes people sweat)
At home, I was eating like a pig but lived a sedentary lifestyle + the weather is damp and wet (bad for people with eczema because it traps the toxins in the body).
Woman is a legend.

This flare was reminiscent of the last one I had in May 2013.

Peep the photos.

This only difference this time around was that my face was the only part affected. My inner arms, neck and chest weren’t itchy at all!
The bad? MY FACE looked like garbage for 9 days. So blistery and swollen around my eyes and temples. Don’t even get me started about the triple eyelids. UGH.

So I learned my lesson. I was caught in the moment and needed something to bring me back to reality.
I guess I’m back on the restricted foods diet.
Starting tomorrow.

Too much of something is never a good thing.


2 thoughts on “Day 409 – 13.5 months

  1. Oh, the dreaded triple eyelids. I know how you feel. I’m seriously contemplating getting fake glasses to draw attention away from my eyes haha! Glad you’re feeling better, though!

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