15 months – picture update

The last post pretty much sums up everything that has happened in the last 2 months. Today is my 15th month of TSW and I thought I would post a picture of flare #3 that occurred from Oct 21 – Dec 6 (give or take a couple of days).

Nothing too special. I’m pretty much back to normal now and I hope this will be the last of it. *fingers crossed*
For those of you who don’t follow my posts regularly, I will reiterate that I’ve had 3 major flares so far.

Flare #1 – month 1-2 (initial withdrawal of TS usage and the symptoms just spread throughout my entire body. Worst flare I’ve experienced)

Flare #2 – month 6-6.5 (second major flare I guess to mark the halfway point? Only my left inner arm flexor and face were affected. My face was mostly red, itchy and flaky. Not always blistery and bumpy. Not as bad as flare #1 or #3)

Flare #3 – month 14-15 (third flare and it was worse than #2 but not as bad as #1. This time it only affected my face. Everything else was normal. My face was basically red, blistery, bumpy and scabby for most of the flare – eyes and cheeks looked the worst)

Nov 2013

These are pictures of flare #3.
Pic #1Nov 15, 2013 – things started to go downhill. Woke up looking like this. See the redness on my left cheek?
Pic #2Nov 16, 2013 – wrinkles from all the scratching
Pic #3Nov 30, 2013 – don’t know why the picture looks so red when I upload it here. My area around my eyes are no longer red and wrinkly.
Things started to return to normal on Dec 6, 2013.

Back to normality.


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