Day 500 – time flies…

when I am kickin’ @$$.

I was going to post a collage of all the pictures I have taken of my TSW journey thus far but there is just not enough time in the day to do so. That and my acupuncture post I said I would talk about back in January 2013!! I’ve become a horrible blogger as of late since my progress has been ‘good-normal’ since December 6, 2013. Do NOT have much to complain about ya know?

Just feeling over the moon to have my life back again.
No 2014 flares yet.

Btw, I have been getting tons of hits in the last few weeks. Let me know if there is anything you want me to talk about.

Wait and see.



6 thoughts on “Day 500 – time flies…

  1. I stopped using topical hydro cort December 16th. my issues started close to 25 years ago, really mild cracking around my nose, well progress to the centerline of my face. I am now feeling the effects of TSW, first symptom was flushing of the face, now dry cracking, fxxking itchy, and too painful to put moisturizer on. emotions are flying, not sure what to do, very hard to focus at work. I don’t know if it started as eczema or what but I know it is back full force. I am on tetracycline and ibuprofen. not sure if you can suggest anything I can put on my face. the burn is really only on my face where I put the cortisone for so many years, sorry I am rambling but as you know it is a real rough go.

    1. Hi Stewart,

      That sounds about right. The random and seemingly never ending itch and roller coaster emotions sounds all too familiar. My face was pretty bad during the first 2 months of withdrawal. I would suggest using an icepack. My face was constantly red, oozing and had that burning and heat-y feeling. I remember thawing a 6×6′ ice pack in 5 minutes during the height of it. Have 3-4 icepacks on rotation should help with the burn. Nothing worked for me since I didn’t like putting water on my face.

      I also used sleeping pills, Novo-Hydroxyzin (Atarax), and Cetirizine (Reactine) to help with the itch. You need a prescription for the latter two drugs.

      Good luck!

  2. Don’t stop blogging, you’re a big inspiration. I just quit a week ago after I found out about TSW. I started having eczema on my face last year and a few months ago it started spreading out through my body. My doc’s been giving me oral steroids, steroid injections, and of course 7 different ointments and creams to put on daily. You’ve come a long way and that’s very kickass. Thanks for keeping a track of this stuff for us just finding out about this.

    1. Hi Marc,

      Thank you for the kind words. I initially started this to document my journey and writing allowed me to vent my anger and loneliness but it seems as though a lot of people are finding this information useful. IMO, TSW/RSS is much more recognized now then it was 17 months ago and more people seem to know about it. The number of blogs and people on the ITSAN forum have skyrocketed. It sucks to see so many people have to go through this but it is also nice to have a larger support system. It almost feels like TSW is mainstream…

      Anyway, good luck with your TSW journey and do let me know if you have any questions and comments.

      P.S. It ain’t going to be easy especially for you since you used Prednisone and injections but you have made the right choice. Good luck and God bless!


  3. Don’t stop blogging! I found your blog through its I am currently in week 2 of tsw and have red, flakey oozing skin since day 2! I’ve had on and off eczema throughout my life but I am confident that i can get through this with yours and other member support. Am also having my 1 year old son go though it too. Its tough to watch him scratch but I don’t want him to suffer like I did.
    Can you please tell/email me what kind of herbs you took that helped? What kind of bathing and post bath regiments you took that helped you?
    Also what did you moisturize with ?

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