Feb 16/14 – 17 months

Another month of TSW down.
Skin is soft and supple.

I am now seeing my acupuncturist once every 2 weeks,
but still drinking my herbal concoction 2x daily.

I expect things to be normal until at least May 2014.
If history repeats itself that is.
I was pretty normal from January – April 2013.
A flare occurred in April/May 2013 (month 6-6.5)
and November-December 2013 (month 14-15).
I don’t want to jinx anything since 1.5 years is next month.
We’ll see.

I’m extremely confident things will be fine though.
Just a gut feeling. Nothing else.


4 thoughts on “Feb 16/14 – 17 months

  1. Really enjoyed reading your blogs over the last 3-4 months. I started with eczema in november last year and it got real bad, real fast… I’m talking a body wide spread within 2 weeks, face and all. after several days off work abusing heavy steroids, oral steroids, atarax, fexofenadine. I would go back in have 2-3 days of normality then flare.

    after 3 weeks i payed money to see a specialist as i couldnt wait for a referral the derm said he couldn’t really help without a patch test which he wanted a shit load of money for. other than that he gave me steroids… lol

    By Christmas 2013 over the week from Christmas eve-nye i was hospitalised and given morphine upon arrival as i couldn’t walk, eat or even blink without extreme pain. they plastered me with steroids and white soft parafin 50/50. Results shown i’d contracted a severe Staph infection also from the open wounds.

    I was released Nye and have been withdrawing from the steroids gradually i came out first week using betnovate then worked my way through the potencys- during this time i’ve had flare ups every 5-6 days – i’ve worked down to hydrocortisone now but also picked up an infection which seems to have caused a rash on my neck (not from scratching D:)

    My hope is to finish using hydrocortisone this week then never touch it again. i just hope i can be free of this, been off work this week for 3 days now (Working from home luckily) Just wondering how much more my boss will take, she’s really nice but this is the 3rd time I’ve have time off this year already not mentioning the fact i was off for almost all of December! Not good!!

    I too had very dark days, especially around christmas time. I couldn’t walk or talk without pain. Let alone shower… (Ew!) wanted to give up and genuinely felt depressed as shit with all my friends going out and enjoying the holidays, i was sat wrapped in blankets shivering. my only reply to there calls and texts as (I’m ill sorry) though I pushed through though and here i sit.

    Booked a holiday with the lads for summer and moving in with a 3 of my best friends this summer too. Lots to look forward too. including being steroid free.

    There is always hope.

    Dan x

    1. Hi Dan,

      Thanks for the positive reinforcement! I hope you’re doing well at the moment. Please update me on your status and start a blog if you have the time. It is a very good way to vent and is somewhat soothing… at least it was for me!
      IF you haven’t already, please visit itsan.org and join the forum. The troopers there are very, very supportive.

      Good luck!

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