18 months + 2 days

Here we are.
1.5 years.
Another milestone. 

Happy to report things are going swell. 
No issues whatsoever. 
This may very well be the end? I’ll wait and see. 

Couldn’t help but check what I wrote this time last year.
Can’t blame me since I have been through this long enough to have overlapping months.
The physical aspects of TSW are long gone.
I’m no longer harbouring conflicted emotions but the emotional scars are still there.
It probably will be for some time…

This time next year.


2 thoughts on “18 months + 2 days

  1. Hello there! I am in month 14 of withdrawals and I think we have a similar timeline. I’ve had 3 major phases of flares so far, one right after quitting steroids, one around 8/9 months, and one beginning at month 12 and still going. I hope that I am also on your track in terms of healing, as I don’t know how much longer I can stand this flare…A quick question, have you noticed your menstrual cycle to have anything to do with your flares? I used to flare horribly before each cycle. Thanks and keep us updated!

    1. HI MT!

      Yes it does. According to my acupuncturist, hormonal changes before a menstrual cycle will after the skin. I actually noticed this trend before going to my acupuncturist and women on the forum have also documented this. I would say approximately 1 week before the start of my cycle.

      You’re at 15 months now. Pretty much a veteran! Keep up the good work!

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