Day 618 – learning how to be normal again

This will be a quick update. 

Officially off all TCM procedures. This includes weekly acupuncture sessions, Chinese herbal soup, and various little things in between. Acupuncturist actually told me to stop treatment and let things be.
Ah, shucks. I was starting to like her and her nononsense type-A personality. LOL
I opted to see her once/twice a month just to be safe.

On the diet front…
have been eating like I’ve hibernated for years.
So many different types of food groups introduced these last 2 weeks.
It actually kind of scares me.
Gluten, junk food, beef, chicken, seafood, cold stuff, and spicy food.
I smell trouble.
That, or I smarten up.

To eat or not eat, the choice is yours.


2 thoughts on “Day 618 – learning how to be normal again

  1. Hey, sorry if this comment seems a bit weird. I posted about TSW around the beginning of last year on my old blog, and I was reading it (for nostalgia’s sake, I guess). I saw that you commented and that lead to me checking out your blog – glad to see you’re still updating your condition after all this time.

    I believe my TSW is finally fading away for good but my old eczema is still really bad. I think I’ve developed an allergy to Vitamin E (cream) somehow, and I’m going to start looking at dropping some foods from my diet to see if my eczema will get better.

    Hope all is well, and I look forward to following your blog again.

    🙂 FOTB

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