21 months + 4 days – losing track of time

Yours truly has lost track of TSW.
This is definitely a good sign.
It really proves my life no longer revolves around flares and random itch attacks.
There is also evidence I have lost track of this special little journey.
Posted 3 days late for month 20 (May 2014).
History repeated itself.

I couldn’t even remember the day of my ‘month-versary’ this month!
The 16th!!

Not much has changed since the last time I blogged.
Skin still very much normal. Just had a minor rash and some blisters on my cheeks 4 days ago.
Was paranoid it was the XX food groups I was indulging in.
That proved to be negative since it was actually the hormonal changes from this months menstrual cycle.
GIRL TIP: try to monitor your flares and PMS. The 2 are related and TSW is normally heightened 1 week before the start of your cycle. I noticed this through my own observation but it has also been supported by my acupuncturist.
I wonder what the observation of flare cycles are for people who don’t PMS…

Anyway, that is it for now.
My family and friends think it is over but I want to be careful.
I’ll give it 3 more months.

All is good in the ‘hood.


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