22 months + 5 days – ring the alarm

People who follow this blog will know that my skin has been normal all year.
Yes, that means no flares and itch attacks since January 2014.
Smooth sailing since the last flare back in the last quarter of 2013.

Wonder what it has been like for me?
Picture me frolicking in a field of flowers and chasing butterflies, swirling around, and…

This is what happens when you let your guard down.
I’ve talked about falling off the food restrictions wagon a few posts ago and boy have I done that in the last 2 months.
I started slow at first. Introducing each restricted food group back into my diet cautiously.

My acupuncturist has also said the same thing.
Permanently eliminating a type of food group from your diet will do more harm than good.
Moderation = Key

Then I got careless again.
Ate more and more of each type of food.
Reintroduced gluten into my daily diet and eating at restaurants again AND I noticed I regained 5-6 lbs in a span of 2 months. Ugh.
Those who say food and diet is not linked to TSW/RSS? I strongly, strongly disagree.

Cue July 2014.
Menstrual cycle is normally +/- a few days from the month prior.
More so late than early. I don’t know about other girls but this is my pattern.
This month would’ve been the 16th.
Remember how I’ve observed that TSW/RSS is worse days leading up to the beginning of my cycle? Other TSW-ers have also said the same thing on the forums AND my acupuncturist have said it is due to hormonal changes in the body.
Anyway, I started feeling really weird on the 11th. Haven’t felt this way since the beginning of TSW and during major flares…
I started itching. Itching in a place I haven’t itched in at least 8 months.
My upper chest area. Holy sh!t. Flashback to this…

I was super paranoid about my food intake from July 12-16 and it consisted of me scratching my inner arm flexor, upper chest area, and neck(!!!). 
NOTE #2 – Acupuncturist also said there will be some relief once the menstrual cycle is over. I also want to note that I observed this before her telling me. She only reinforced the idea so I’m not blindly following anybody. Just wanted to put that out there.
The last 4 days (July 16 – 19) consisted mainly of semi-itching in those 3 areas.
July 19 rolls around and I’m ecstatic. Until next month, sucka!
July 20 and things look good again.

Flashback to July 12 and me still being a big baby about this.
Called my acupuncturist and she told me it isn’t a ‘big deal’ unless there are blisters and a blood red skin tone. I mean, WTH!?
I have monthly appointments mainly for check-up and she denied me to go see her a week earlier. UGH.

So I was left to fend for myself this time.
This led to a major self reflection on food intake and all that has happened in the past 2 months.

Top 3 things to explain the newest scare:
1) Inability to control my foodie habits and not practicing moderation
2) Heat. It has been crazy hot (but not humid) where I live and the amount of sweat sticking to the skin probably led me to scratch my neck and upper chest area.
3) 1+2+monthly PMS = the July 2014 scare

This may be a false alarm but it’s enough for me to get my guard up again.


2 thoughts on “22 months + 5 days – ring the alarm

  1. Nice update, especially on the diet and gluten part. I have been reading more and more resources that give me the definitive information that gluten is probably one of the key root causes of systemic inflammation in our body. That is why so many people find that getting rid of gluten works so well for their body in terms of overall health – depression, skin, mood, sleep, etc.

    Diet is a big deal in TSW. Those who say that it is not – are just clueless.

    Take care and chug on!

    Leslie C
    Founder of http://eczemag.com
    Personal blog at http://saynototopicalsteroids.com

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