Aug 16/14 – 23 months

Look who actually remembered this month?
None of that XX months +1, +2, +3,…+5 days BS.
That’s right.
I’m making a conscious effort to make this an active blog again.

What’s new?
My 2-year TSW anniversary is just around the corner.
What an exciting time.
My skin has been amazing all year.
No major flares, itch attacks, and itchy dry skin.

I feel as though I have fallen off the healthy food bandwagon. Well, I’ve been cleared to include almost all foods back into my diet for months now. Things are great but I feel as though I have been going out of control with eating junk food lately. How out of control? Devoured a 360g bag of Lay’s chips in 2 days.
According to the nutritional label, that would be 1944 calories. A pound is equivalent to 3500 calories. -____- Still feeling guilty as I type. I also consume lots of pastries and handfuls of gummy candy during the day. Things didn’t get ‘real’ until after dinner last night. I know I ate a lot but was still felt hungry after the meal. Didn’t want anything else and proceeded to grab 5-6 gummy worms and chomped on them. Felt so satisfied. Took me a few moments but then I realized my old eating habits are back. Sugar, sodium, and gluten. Deadly combo right there. I tried so hard to cut out all processed foods JUST for today and I seriously couldn’t stop thinking about it. Weird. Ended up looking at old photos of me during major flares to ‘control myself’. Mind over matter baby.

My face is fine even after all this junk food but I can’t help but think that it’s going to be a matter of time before sh*t hits the fan again. That and I’ve gained 3lbs this month. UGGHHHHHHHH.

Side note for the ladies: This is the 3rd month in a row where my cycle has started on the same day as last month. It is NEVER like that. Don’t know if this is because my body is better now but it used to be +/- 6-7 before and during TSW. Not too sure about the healing part since I’m eating so much junk but I’ll see how my PMS cycle is for the rest of 2014.

+1 for effort


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