Day 707 – getting an education

First and foremost, I’m still doing very well. No issues whatsoever. Curbed a lot of the junk food eating since the last post but am still consuming a lot of foods from different groups. No problems except for some finger blisters that appear and disappear within a couple of hours. I also want to note that these blisters (pompholyx eczema) aren’t as itchy as it once was. Hm.

I also signed up for a Netflix account (only took me 2 years) and started watching food documentaries to learn more about nutrition and health. I will take the time to review some documentaries in the next few posts since there isn’t very much to blog about my TSW journey nowadays…

I find these food documentaries to be quite educational and informative. I do however feel that some are a bit biased and are hard selling specific things. Again, this review is not to change your opinion on food and health but just something to keep in mind and to compliment your existing knowledge of these topics. See below for some excerpts I pulled from the film OR stuff I found interesting. Btw, I still think food and diet is a very important component in tackling TSW/RSS.

Food Matters, 2008, 98 minutes

This documentary primarily focuses on advocating the use of vitamins, vitamin C, niacin and other supplements. The interviewees really back the idea that vitamins and supplements are just as effective as chemotherapy and other prescription drugs when treating diseases like cancer. Other topics include toxins, cleansing and eating healthy. Food Matters is a rather basic documentary that doesn’t delve too much into the subject but is very easy to understand.


-Take vitamins such as Vitamin C, niacin to be healthy

-Cavities are usually corrected with fillings. Fillings contain mercury which is a known neurotoxin

“One of the most toxic substances known to man, you have in your mouth and you’re being poisoned by it.”

I did NOT know amalgam fillings contain mercury. Apparently everyone in my household knew. LOL

I had a lot of cavities growing up. When I say a lot, I mean about 8-10. That really got me paranoid, I paused the film and did a Google search on mercury induced diseases.

Bottom of the page: “Chronic Mercury Poisoning and Related Disease “ Chart


Now I’m not saying, “Yeah! It was the mercury all along! I knew it. That ultimately made my eczema worse.”

Not even close. However, it was so much easier to make the decision to not eat so much candy and sweets after watching/reading this. Candy/sweets = cavities = money = mercury fillings = mercury poisoning that may or may not contribute to my eczema or other health related diseases!


“These toxins when you stop pushing them into your system, start to come out. If you not only change your diet to the point of eating all organic you’re releasing all these poisonous that go into your bloodstream and into the liver. Unless you help the liver get rid of it, you cause new damage. That is half the therapy. The other half is detoxification. Move toxins out to allow the nutrients to get into the tissues. Can’t get in there when the body is full of toxins.”

“Ways to cleanse the body: colonics, enemas, water, herbs, all help to get things out. Critical factor in cleansing equation = through the bowels.”

“Simple hack: Drink water upon rising, before any food and etc. Drink water to begin your day.”

“The best doctor in the world, the best nutritionist in the world, is you. You actually have everything inside you, all the equipment necessary to feel if something is right for you or not.”

*The documentary also talks about the pharmacare industry and how doctors are trained to give out medicine for all ailments. Many also do not have a background in nutrition. One of the interviewees also said something along the lines of the prescription drug industry dominating what/how people think by paying for research studies. Which is scary BTW.

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool ALL of the people ALL of the time.” – Abraham Lincoln

“We have a public that is catching on quicker than the medical profession.”

*They end the documentary with some food for thought.

“Stop being patients, start being people. Be healthy and happy, change your life, do exercise, eat right, feel better, feel good, look better, live longer, save money. Enormous satisfaction of doing it yourself.

You don’t need a degree to be healthy. These steps are cheap, simple, safe, effective. This is hard to do because it requires taking responsibility. The solutions are here, always been here. People just need the education…”

You are never too old to learn.


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