Day 750 – finger flares? (pics)

Quick backgrounder…
In addition to regular eczema on my body, I also suffered from Pompholyx (dyshidrotic eczema) during my pre-TSW days. The good news is that it would only appear on my middle and index fingers on my right hand. No clue why it was just those two fingers.

Blisters would form and it was extremely itchy. The itch was much more intense than regular eczema. I was given topical corticosteroids (duh!) to contain the eczema and applied Clobetasol proprionate (super potent steroids) to the affected areas daily.

When the steroids didn’t work anymore, I developed my own method by popping the blisters = ripping the skin and then applying anti-bacterial hand gel on the area. It would sting like crazy but I preferred that over the itch. So sad, right?


This picture was taken last night to compare my left and right hand. Pay attention to the middle and index fingers on my right hand. Notice how the folds on both fingers look bulgy and puffy in comparison to the other fingers? It isn’t because I have been scratching them for the last 2-3 weeks.

The folds on my middle and index fingers have looked like that since I started using Clobetasol. That’s why I have a sneaking suspicion it was the excessive application of topical corticosteroids on those areas that have permanently ‘disfigured’ my middle and index fingers. I used TS on those fingers for at least 5 years. But I haven’t used TS for 750 days and it still looks like that. No clue if those folds will ever ‘look normal’. This really goes to show what kind of damage TS can do to our body.

Thoughts: pompholyx occurred daily prior to TSW, but they disappeared when I started my TSW journey. This is the first time they have appeared since August-September 2012. Not sure if this means I have completed the TSW journey and this is just ‘regular eczema’ now. It may also be the fact that I have been eating a ton of different types of food lately.

Anyway, just wanted to give you guys a quick update. Everything else is great. Body is fine, my face is great (only thing that matters, LOL!) and I haven’t experienced a flare for at least 10 months!

Observations will be reported at a later date.


4 thoughts on “Day 750 – finger flares? (pics)

  1. I’m confused. You stopped TCS on or around September 2012 and you were already free of the inflammation between August and September of 2012, and have only seen inflammation recur in October 2014? I don’t see any time for “withdrawal”, there.

    The extra skin growth on your right fingers may have been due to your popping the blisters and “ripping” the skin, not from the clobestasol. Usually high potency steroids like that will thin out and bleach the skin when abused/over-used, but you appear to have extra skin padding and darkening on the knuckles.

    Diet can play a significant role in the appearance/re-appearance of eczema, so the new inflammation you see may have nothing to do with any “withdrawal”, but may be an indication of food intolerance or allergy–which may have been the cause, originally.

    1. Hi Greg,

      You are correct. I ceased application of TCS in September 2012 and the finger blisters largely disappeared. But I had a ton of other skin inflammations that occurred in places I never experienced before. If you’re just talking about the finger blisters then I guess it was dormant for 2 years!

      You’re also correct about the thinning and bleaching of the skin after using Clobatesol but I failed to mention in the post how I initially did not scratch the finger blisters and just religiously applied the cream on my fingers. The skin had started to get thick during this period and started to get worse after I resorted to scratching for pain relief.

      I definitely feel I have a (minor) gluten intolerance. Blood work came back negative but I’ve read that it is only accurate for those with severe gluten allergies and/or celiac.

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