Oct 16/14 – 25 months

Another month of TSW. Not much has changed since the last post. My face and body look normal but I’m still going through this so-called ‘finger flare’. I’ve started to cut back on gluten and dairy products to see if they are potential food triggers but it’s so difficult to cut gluten from my diet once I start eating it again. It was a different story when I was flaring really bad and had no choice. My battle with food = the story of my life.

Anyway, I was examining my arms and legs a couple of days ago and noticed how the pigmentation is slowly starting to fade. It’s not quite there yet but its been 2 years!! How long will it take? Just goes to show how long the recovery period is. Even for the surface of the skin.

Hang in there!!

Back to the grind.


2 thoughts on “Oct 16/14 – 25 months

  1. Think I’ve finally found out what’s wrong with me. Going to cut out the steroids. Hopefully and eventually skin will improve. Is this why I’m tired depressed and irritable too?

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