Day 770 – is RSS contagious?!

At the beginning of September, my mom told me that the back of her right hand felt unusually itchy. She ended up scratching the area to relieve the itch and a tiny patch of red skin started to erupt. What happened over the course of the last 1.5 month has been a stark reminder of this entire journey.
TSW on hand


She has been keeping a photographic diary of her hand. I told her to use her iPad to take a photo every day and she has done a great job of documenting the entire process so far. (Way better than me, that’s for sure!) The collage doesn’t feature all of the photos but just the most important ones.

She only started taking photos on Sept 17th. I wish she had started taking photos at the beginning when the patch was literally ¼ of the size of the first photo. She was a bit reluctant to see my acupuncturist at first, but she caved when the patch started to spread. My mom has been seeing Dr. Z since mid-September but didn’t officially start drinking the concoction until Oct 5th. I’m a bit annoyed by this. I firmly believe that acupuncture alone cannot help expedite the process. It takes way longer if you don’t drink the concoction. Why? The nasty concoction flushes the toxins out of your system and helps to rebalance our system. Only acupuncture = taking longer = more $$ spent on treatment and unnecessary suffering. Not sure why she didn’t start giving her prescriptions at the beginning. I guess she has her ways? Ugh.

As you can see in the collage, her hand is starting to look better. At least the skin is no longer red, oozing, crusty, raised, and itchy. If you look at the last picture, the redness has largely subsided and the smaller patch is basically gone. My mom has also reported that the itchiness is no longer unbearable. Good sign. It took me 1.5 months of drinking the concoction every day to see my battle scars subside. I’m giving it the same amount of time so it should be Nov 19th. I’ll try to make another collage of her hand before that post.

One more subject that I would like to touch on briefly…
My mom has never experienced eczema. She has dealt with rosacea in the past but it hasn’t appeared since late-2006. My mom and acupuncturist have sort of thrown the idea around of me ‘spreading’ the eczema to her. This is something I CALL BS. My rebuttal is why didn’t she ‘catch’ RSS when I was at my worst during months 1-2, 6-6.5, and 14-15 of flaring? Nevertheless, this is still something to contemplate.

My mom actually told me that it was quite unbearable at the beginning of October and she said something along the lines of, “I now understand how painful it was for you.”
PSH. Yeah right. It was ALL OVER MY BODY.     -______-

P.S. I’ve been great! No flares since Jan 2014 and my so called ‘finger flares’ are largely gone. Yay me.

making progress


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