Day 801 – 26 months + 11 days

So my fingers are still itchy every now and then. Itch, scratch, and repeat.
It is a terrible cycle but at least it’s only two fingers.
The blisters don’t make regular appearances so I guess it’s all good in the ‘hood.

I have a hunch TSW is over and this is just regular eczema but I’m going to wait a bit first.
This leads me to my next point…
I see my acupuncturist every 2 weeks mainly for maintenance purposes.
She basically told me to keep my guard up and not be sloppy with my diet.
This is especially so because the winter season is traditionally much more difficult for my skin.
My body just can’t handle cold weather.
This will be my third winter of TSW and I’ve been told that I’ll be home free if I can make it past this winter without any flares.
If history repeats itself (knock on wood), then I’ll experience flare #4. Oh goodness gracious.
But if you look at the trends, I had my first major flare and recovery in Nov-Dec 2012. Then I experienced flare #3 during winter 2013.
Fingers crossed that I’ll be safe this holiday season. No surprises please!

I’ve started developing hives this week.
Quite annoying since I haven’t felt this kind of itch in a long time.
I know for certain this isn’t TSW eczema but I’m definitely paranoid that this may be a precursor to another flare.
One reason I might be developing flares is because I’m constantly cold and I turn up the heat/heater. It then dries out my skin and makes it super itchy. There isn’t really a way around this but I have learned to wear more clothes (layering) instead of contantly relying on electrical sources. *SIGH*

#firstworldproblems #sorrynotTSWeczema


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