27 months + 2 days

I have been extremely busy as of late and haven’t given TSW much thought.
It really just seems like a thing of the past now…
Anyway, I’m moving across the country.

My spare time now consists of:
1) creating to-do lists and devising multiple contingency plans
2) cleaning AKA trying to stop hoarding and actually donate my old belongings to charity

The big move is keeping my mind pre-occupied.
But mid-Novemeber to mid-December has been great.
No issues whatsoever.
I did however notice that my cheeks are starting to get really dry and it sometimes feel ‘bubbly’ (don’t exactly know how to describe the feeling) but it sort of feels uncomfortable for a while but there is no itch. I don’t feel the need to scratch but it’s just there and you just want to put pressure on it. Almost like a piece of skin is missing and it’s raw and exposed. Just feels weird.
I think I can attribute these ‘sensations’ to falling off the food restrictions wagon.
It IS that time of the year and the holiday festivities + endless supply of comfort food may do some damage to my skin if I’m not careful.
It is definitely difficult to manage all the happenings in my life at the moment but I really don’t want a flare during the first few months after my move.
I’m totally OK with flares but not on my face. I’m not being vain (ok, slightly) but you can’t hide it and people will think you have some horrible contagious disease.

Just some thoughts.
Here’s to hope that the sensations will not escalate further.
And if you would please excuse me…I will go cray cray for planning now.


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