Feb 16/15 – 29 months

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!

I hope everyone had a fantastic day with their loved ones. Singles included.
So I can’t believe I’m going on 30 months.
This nightmare felt like 6 months ago but it has been 2+ years.
Insane how time flies.

Anyway, things have been swell yet again.
No major problems from mid-January to mid-February.

*Would like to make a note that I have completely fallen off the food restrictions bandwagon. It really goes to show how much I have healed. =P
Some foods I consume regularly: gluten, all types of meat, sushi (seafood/fish)
Semi-regularly: alcohol (never really drank in the first place) and cold foods (no longer have that craving all the time) and fried foods (gotta watch my weight!)

I also no longer see my acupuncturist bi-weekly (due to the fact that I’m now in a new city and don’t have anyone I ‘trust’ wholeheartedly).

I’m still going to be mindful of my food intake even when things are swell. This is more so for weight management then anything else.

New target locked in.


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