Mar 16/15 – 30 months

Today is 30 months of my TSW journey.
2.5 years = another milestone.
I would like to report that things are starting to go downhill. Eeekk.
Woke up to tenderness and an ‘itchy-itch’ near my neck and chin areas at the beginning of the month.
My upper neck area was also itchy and it became very red after scratching it intensely.
I couldn’t help it since it has been so long and I had almost forgotten the intensity of the itching and the need to dig my fingers into my skin for temporary relief.
Totally my fault, though.
My diet slowly started to spiral out of control in mid-February and I started consuming a lot of items on the restricted foods list such as alcohol, cold foods, and fatty/fried items (McDonald’s).
I guess I’m never going to be truly immune to eating so much of the restricted foods. Also gained 3 pounds in a week. -______-
Had to dig up this photo and it got me paranoid enough to take note of my health again.
My beautiful neck 2.5 months into TSW.

I remember one of the first places the rash showed up on my body was my neck and upper chest area and then it migrated to my face. Oh my goodness. Not my face. Anywhere but my face…

May this be a reminder…


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