May 16/15 – 32 months

Been eating a ton of different foods this month.
Ice cream, sashimi, french fries, McD’s, candy, cake, yogurt, milk, and tons of beef and chicken.
You name it and I’ve probably eaten it in the last 2 weeks.
Don’t know how long I can keep things up but it sure feels like a flare is creeping up on me.

A few close calls too. It started one morning after binge eating at midnight. Woke up to red pimple-like dots on my cheeks. Kind of freaked out and called my acupuncturist…whom I haven’t seen in months. Assured me everything is okay and to boil some ‘basic’ ingredients and drink it as an everyday soup in place of water. Nothing fancy. (Also neglected to tell her about my diet as of late). Had to watch and prevent myself from overloading on delicious nom nom over the next few days. The red dots disappeared after 2 days and I let loose again. It reappeared. Sometimes I think I’m playing with fire but those moments of carefree eating is so, so rewarding. It really is the little things in life that we take for granted!

Tryin’ not to get burnt. 


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