June 16/15 – 33 months


Another month of TSW down.
Seriously can’t wait for the big 36 months aka 3 years.
Can hardly believe it’s been this long.
I was on a 2-week vacation and came home with terrible eating habits. I’ve been terrible at keeping my diet clean since returning. My skin hasn’t gone haywire but I have gained 4.5lbs in 21 days. That translates to gaining a pound for every 4.5-ish days. -___-
Must lose this weight. But sugar, candy, and ice cream is so addicting due to the hot weather.
What to do, what to do? Here’s hoping I can shed 4.5lbs before mid-July. Ideally wanted to shed 10lbs but now I have 14.5lbs to lose. It’s already summer. = (

#fml #firstworldproblems

SIDE NOTE: A visitor viewed my site on June 14th and viewed my page 150+ times. Shoot me a message if you’re reading this because I want to know what enticed you to keep clicking!


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