37 months + 2 days

A bit late this month.

Currently in Europe and living like a real G (at least I like to think).
Will return at the end of the month.

Let’s see how well I fare with foreign cuisine.

CIao bella!


One thought on “37 months + 2 days

  1. Hiya,

    Thanks soooooo much for allowing me to read your tsw journey… I am on month 14 and in a flare at the moment.. I had a whole eczema free month was living life then BHAM neck oozing arms oozing etc today my face is slightly swollen but nothing like what my previous flares were like..

    My friend is going through the same thing and just thought I’d inform some ppl she has been sooo strong she tries so hard not to scratch and she actually bought a home infra red sauna and when she feels itchy she sits in there and honestly she does not scratch and the itching sensation goes away! She is on month 5 and has had none of the typical tsw symptoms! She has also got amazing willpower gluten free dairy free sugar free !

    My brother was also on the same journey he was into month 6 and he was hospitalised as he had literally ripped his skin apart with the itching which led to open wounds hence infection he was on oral antibiotics but he still ate junk and itched like crazy…. He then became literally bedridden! And he ended up in hospital with sepsis because the infection went into his blood, he also got herpes on his skin it was a real rollercoster for him he is now out of hospital after 2 weeks of hell and back on steroids 😦

    To all the tsw ppl out thr please be careful ! Please try to eat a healthy diet and try ur best not to rip ur skin apart !!!

    I personally get my partner to bandage my arms and nek as those are my itchy places god bless you all x

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