38.5 months

Super late this month.
Doing well? Quite the opposite actually.

My face started to feel different/weird during the first week of November… Nov 5 – 7. It was fine from Nov 8 – 11. I originally thought it was a short one but my skin went downhill from Nov 11 and it still is as I type. I can be specific with the dates because I’ve been keeping a detailed log of food consumed, hours slept, and everything else that can give me some insight into the condition of my skin. (Been writing in this daily log book for 38.5 months now. It’s not a chore but a habit now!)

Aside from the dry and sometimes itchy skin on the insides of my elbows and fingers; I have dry patches on my face. The eyes have been the worst. I wake up every morning and it is quite red and swollen. It takes about the entire work day for the swelling to go down. By the time it is over, it’s time to go home.

I know it’s not terrible but it’s definitely something I haven’t experienced in a while AND it’s been almost a month of swollen eyes! When is this going to stop? (Btw, wanted to take a photo but I’ll wait to see how things are at the 39 month mark. Will take a photo and post here if the problem persists…)

you said hi, now say goodbye.




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