40 months + 4 days

My eyes are still swollen but not as terrifying.
Things were really bad from December 18 – 25.
It was a combination of things.
A change in climate + a flare + monthly cycle + being sick with the flu.
I was under attack for lack of a better word.
Actually, a quadruple whammy.
I was really paranoid this would turn into a full blown flare but the redness was localized around the eyes and near my cheeks.
Stepped up my food restrictions intake and drank TCM soup like mad.
Things are slowly getting better but I’m not going to call it a flare until I pass my monthly cycle for January (which is coming up in 9 days).
I actually took photos of my face every morning since Dec 12. I’ll think about posting a collage once I feel better.
When is this game going to be game over?

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