41 months

Things are finally looking up.
I’m in a different city so I’ve bee unable to see my TCM doctor, Dr. Z since mid-December 2015.
I refuse to see another TCM herbalist in my new city (trust issues, I swear… LOL) so I’ve been Skyping with Dr. Z to virtually talk about my symptoms. In all honesty, I have the utmost faith in her. She has treated me since Oct 2012 and knows my body and what I’m like.
Been drinking my trusty herbal medicine since Dec 24. I was dealing with a change in climate, monthly PMS cycle, being sick with the flu, and this facial flare. I was really upset when she told me the medicine had to deal with my sickness first. That really meant a delay in relieving my skin woes by 3 weeks. (That’s how long I was sick for.) She finally increased the dosage since I wasn’t healing fast enough and I’ve seen positive results in the last 2-3 weeks. Things are so much better with my skin but I moved in with a new house mate and we eat out wayyyy too often. I’ve fallen off the food restrictions wagon, hard. I can feel my face and eyelids feeling tender throughout the day. Must. Resist. Temptations. Food. Fried food. Alcohol. Seafood.
I can resist everything except temptation.

One thought on “41 months

  1. Hi,
    I am so glad I found ur blog and past 3-4 days I have been reading every single ona of ur posts.
    I am almost in my 3 month of withdrawal in a proper sense. though I tried withdrawing back in August 2013. things went REALLY bad back then and I lacked a lot of background knowledge on TSW. I didn’t even know I was going through that. I was doing a liver detox and thought that might have been a reaction of detox. but now almost in 3 month and doing intense research and looking at photos and comparing my own symptoms I know it’s TSW. I’m having ups and downs atm. 2 days of good skin then a fortnight of flare. I’m following a restricted diet. no gluten, no diary, no sugar basically what u ever following since I am seeing a naturopath and taking her prescribed supplements.
    your blog has been a very encouraging one and I’m looking forward to healing as well.
    I hope u get out of this flare asap.
    much Love,

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