43 months + 2 days

Wow. I completely fell off the TSW/RSS blogging radar.
Completely forgot to make a post at 42 months and I am late again for this month.
Much has changed since I lasted posted in February.

Things are so much better now. Skin is great. No itching but I still get the occasional scratchy scratchy on my fingers and inner elbows. Face is great. My face hasn’t flared even though I have been eating a ton of foods I’m normally not supposed to eat (seafood, chocolate, gluten, dairy) . I’m not pushing my luck especially with the fact that I have been getting so many zits on my face lately. I can never resist picking it and I also scar easily.

Still trying to figure out why I’m getting so much facial acne lately but I’m certain it has something to do with the food I’m consuming.

Otherwise I’m good for now. Summer is coming up and things should be easier on my skin. Also no longer boiling TCM herbs. Been drinking it everyday since mid-December so I’m glad I don’t have to do this anymore.

Time will tell.


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