45 months

45 months. Celebrating yet another milestone.
I must admit things have been smooth sailing for the last month or so.
Skin was so good to me I actually swam in a chlorinated pool for the first time in YEARS.
Didn’t end up swimming again because my fingers started getting really dry and I’m not sure if there is a correlation between the chlorine and my fingers being dry and itchy. Oh well, I’ve been through MUCH worse.

My diet has been quite sporadic lately. I’ve had quite a bit of greasy, deep fried foods along with sugary pastries and cookies. I know duration is key now that I’m pretty much healed but I’ve said this many times and I’ll say it again: never get too comfortable. I no longer see my acupuncturist (I’m living in a different city) but I still have my mother consult her once in a blue moon.

It’s getting hot where I live and I’ve been craving different foods. One of them is watermelon. It’s funny because I never liked watermelon growing up… actually hated it. I have no clue why I bought a giant 10lb melon on a whim for a low price of $2! It was so good I ended up eating maybe 3 cups of watermelon in one sitting. Immensely satisfying but I started to get worried. I couldn’t control myself and remember how everything must be consumed in moderation?

Called my mother and asked her to ask Dr. Z if watermelon can cause my downfall and am waiting for a response. Meanwhile, I did some research on my own. Found this site that talks about maintaining a positive diet for eczema. Most of it is exactly what Dr. Z told me during my first year of TSW. So in a way this is free advice. Notable tips: avoid damp foods, greasy meals, and raw/cold foods. It does say watermelon is okay but I guess I shouldn’t eat it straight out of the fridge (cold). Reassuring but I’m going to wait for the green light from Dr. Z first…

It’s hot in here. Let’s all take the plunge and snack on some good food!


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