46 months + 2 days

Nothing much to report this month.

I was super stressed from late-June to early-July and it affected my monthly cycle. It ended up being 13 days late. It was super weird because I normally don’t experience any symptoms aside from food cravings leading up to it but this time I experienced major backache, fatigue, and sleep deprivation. Now my sleep schedule is wack. Like, I sleep at 5am every morning, work from 9-5pm, and go home and sleep from 6pm – midnight. Everything is warped…

My skin is fine for the time being but I know how a messed up sleep schedule can make my skin worse. Not sure how to fix this. I tried everything. But for the time being I’m managing my diet and making sure I eat clean and healthy foods.

We’ll see what happens next month…

1 + 1 = ? 


2 thoughts on “46 months + 2 days

  1. I have the same problem. And I’m currently 45 months and 12 days.

    I have been eating extremely cleanly (raw, living foods) for the past several months. Yet I still can’t sleep before 4am. I guess this comes part and parcel with this condition.

  2. Try breathing exercise and the meditation. Late sleep not good for kidney and hence toxic c build up = bad skin n

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